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Lunar Occultation of Venus on 24 March 2023

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A lunar occultation of Venus will occur in Hong Kong on 24 March 2023. Since the orbital plane of the Moon is very close to the orbital plane of the planets, when the Moon blocks the light from the planet, a lunar occultation event occurs. As Venus is the brightest celestial object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon, the lunar occultation of Venus is very easy to observe and has drawn much attention from astronomy observers.

The coming lunar occultation of Venus will begin at 7:47pm and end at 8:53pm, which will last for about one hour and six minutes. At the time when Venus disappears, the Moon will be located at about 18 degrees above the northwestern horizon. Since both objects are quite bright, they can be observed directly with unaided eyes. Binoculars or astronomical telescopes can provide a clear view. During the reappearance of Venus, the Moon will be at just 3.8 degrees above the horizon. In order to observe the event clearly, observers need to find a place with an almost completely unobstructed view towards the northwestern horizon.

Schematic diagram showing Lunar occultation of Venus
Lunar occultation of Venus

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Altitude (degrees)

Azimuth (degrees)

First contact




Second contact




Moon-Venus appulse




Third contact




Fourth contact




The above predictions are based at the Hong Kong Space Museum, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The occultation time varies by a few tens of seconds across Hong Kong.

The occultation starts near the East side of the Moon and ends near the West side. In fact, the apparent motion of the Moon is much faster than that of Venus, but the Moon can be tracked during observation in order to show the relative motion of Venus.

Since Venus always appears close to the Sun, the lunar occultation of Venus mostly happen in day time. The next lunar occultation of Venus observable in Hong Kong during night time will be on May 31, 2063.