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2022 Global naming competition of ExoWorlds

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The IAU, through a collaboration between the IAU EC WG on Exoplanetary Systems Nomenclature and the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach, invites professional astronomers, amateur astronomers, astronomy enthusiasts, teachers and students to come together and propose to name one of the 20 exoworlds (1 exoplanet +1 star).

Create a team composed of members belonging to the field of exoplanetary scientists or professional astronomers, amateur astronomers, astronomy enthusiasts, teachers and educators, and students. Pick an exoworld system among the 20 exoworlds in the list. Have the team propose a name for the exoplanet and the host star belonging to that system. Then arrange an outreach event educating the public about exoplanets (and possibly about the proposed name). Then simply submit the proposed name along with your outreach activity.

Your proposals will go through a two step process of selection: first a national panel led by the IAU National Outreach Coordinators in each country will select one final proposal for each country, along with two backup candidates, to the international final selection.

The international final selection committee composed of IAU Working Group and exoplanet discoverer will consider the candidates proposed by each country and select the best naming candidates for each exoworld system. These names will be selected based on the description and meaning behind the names provided, and the outreach activities accomplished by each teams.

The final 20 exoworlds will be announced and the associated names will be recognized by the IAU as the official name for that exoworld.

How to sumbit?

Register your team information and submit the naming proposal through the link below: https://bit.ly/2022NameExoWorlds. Photos or images of the outreach events and a video of the naming proposal presentation should be prepared in advance.

The following information is the points to note when filling the submission form. In the event of any discrepancies between the following notes and the submission form in the link above, the later shall prevail. If there are any inconsistencies found, please contact the IAU NOC Hong Kong through the link below: http://www.iaunochk.org/contact-us/


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Please provide a contact email and select ‘Agree' if you have read and understand the rules stated above. (*Compulsory)

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Please enter information of the main contact person for your proposal, including name (given name + family name), email and country. If your team wishes to represent Hong Kong, please select ‘China, Hong Kong'. (*Compulsory)

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Please provide information about your team. IAU highly encourage you to form a team composed of exoplanetary scientist(s)/professional astronomer(s), amateur astronomer, astronomy enthusiasts, educators, students and young adults. Your team can be formed from at least 2 members from different categories. In other words, your team can be composed of at least 1 teacher and 1 student; or, 1 amateur astronomer and 1 astronomy enthusiasts.

Please provide the size of your team and list all the affiliations/organisations that all the members in your group belong to respectively (if any).

If it is not applicable, please remain blank.

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Please select the type of events held (select all that apply), including live streaming, social media posts/activities, on-site event without engagement (e.g., public lecture), and on-site event with engagement from the public. If it does not belong to any of the above-mentioned events, please provide further explanation. Please enter the number of public engaged in the outreach events.

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Please describe your outreach initiatives in details with a maximum of 300 words and post photos or images of your outreach event(s) as well. If you have multiple photos or images, you may first upload them to the cloud storage and provide a URL for viewing.

Please select an exoworld for your naming proposal. IAU strongly recommend that each team select a system for their naming proposal. Opting for a generic submission which is the last option may put your proposal at a disadvantage. (*Compulsory)

Please enter the Name of the host star and the planetary body in the exoworld system respectively. Only Latin alphabets are allowed to use; meanwhile, the first alphabet should be written in capital form. As for details, please refer to the naming rules. (*Compulsory)

Please provide the language of the proposed name. (*Compulsory)

Please describe the naming theme under which the name of the proposed exoplanet & its star fall under. The theme should be summarized in a sentence or two, and broad enough that additional names related to the theme could be used to name additional objects in that system in the future. (*Compulsory)

Please write a detailed description in English with a maximum of 300 words to further explain the meaning behind your naming proposal. (*Compulsory)

Please upload a video of the presentation with maximum of 3 minutes explaining the meaning behind the proposed name in its own language, with captioning in English. If the video is oversised, you may first upload it to the cloud server and provide a URL for viewing.

Click ‘Submit' to finish this submission.